.National Federation Fees


Membership Fees are payable annually and are due the day after the Federation Show - Please note fanciers must be fully paid up members the day of the show

Single Membership £3 Partnership £5

Affiliation Fees are £3 per annum with certificates at 60p each and Rosettes at £2 each - To keep the cost down we now only offer Rosettes with the wording 'Best in Section' or 'Special See Over' with a printed label on the reverse saying what the Rosette is issued for. See affilaited Clubs left hand column for details



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WEFT 97 D0608


Silver bar hen West of England bred and exhibited by Dave Walters — Winner of the Federation show in 2000 and winning 10 NPA & 12 Federation Certificates during her show period




Found a Pigeon - Don't know what to do


To contact us:




or Ian Johnson

Phone 01634 722109

E-mail:  whitebarwests@hotmail.co.uk



Dave Walters

Secretary and Treasurer

3 Parkwood Close


Bristol BS14 0EB




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Catering For West of England Tumblers,

Exhibition and Flying Tipplers,

Exhibition  and Flying Rollers



National Federation



The next letter dictates the size of the ring and therefore generally the breed of the bird (see below)







Found a pigeon and don’t know how to find the owner - Please note NO ONE at the Federation can trace the owner not even for fancy birds you will need to contact the relevant club below. If the club is not listed below then the bird you have found is probably a racing bird. As the majority of birds lost are racing birds you will need to contact that club to find the owner which can be found by clicking on this link.


Link to racing pigeon club addresses


Confused by all the letters and numbers - This may help! - First let me explain how the ring number is made up.









Flying breeds have three prefix number which are ‘A’ issued for  Exhibition and Flying Rollers & Flying Tipplers ‘B’ will be an Exhibition Tippler and ‘D’ will be a West of England Tumbler. The issuing clubs with their telephone No’s are as follows:-


· NPA - National Pigeon Association - Secretary/Ring Secretary/Treasurer - Mr Graham Giddings - Tel No. 01452 720783

· WEFT or BSW or BSWR - Bideford SW FT&T - Sec - Kim Pierce - Tel No. 01647 440536

· NCTT - Northern Counties F T & T S - Sec - Nick Jackson - Tel No. 01472 277861 or 07940 859482

· NRTT - Nottingham RT&T Club - Ring Sec - R Davis - 0115 953 9771

· NRC - Northern Roller Club - Sec - John Weir - 0191 426 1653

· NTU - National Tippler Union - For Flying Tipplers only - These rings do not normally carry a prefix letter - Sec - Brian Rose - 0117 9647275




The Federation was first discussed back in the late 1960’s early 1970’s when Jeff Oldham approached Mel Brooker and Harry Heal  about forming the Federation to promote and protect the interests of the Flying Breeds. The idea was received with a lot of enthusiasm but Jeff got impatient and instead of approaching the Flying Breed Clubs he went ahead and got printed headed paper. Jeff was a strong advocate for the Federation having their own rings something that Ron Connebear, Secretary to Bideford club at that time was very much against and some heated written exchanges took place. After the initial meeting it was the Bristol and Norwich clubs which were the first to put their names to the Federation and start issuing Certificates. In 1975 Bristol TTSS stopped issuing NPA Certificates issuing Federation Certificates only which they have done so right up to the present day. After leaving Luella World, Richard Greenwood took up the reins as Secretary before Keith and Gill Robson took over and run it for three years as Secretary and Treasurer doing an excellent job to keep it all going. Jim Pearson then took over as Secretary for one season before Ian Johnson and Dave Walters took over as Secretary and Treasurer. Work commitments meant that Ian couldn’t put the time needed so Dave carried on as Secretary/Treasurer for six years until Roy Partington took over in Dec 2007. Loosing the Venue at first Stoke and then Wolverhampton it was decided to bring the show back to Pucklechurch, Nr Bristol and Roy felt that he couldn't administer the show from a distance so stood down as secretary with Dave Walters again taking over as Secretary/Treasurer in March 2011 










The next two numerals on their side is the year of the pigeon



The last 3 or 4 numerals are specific to that pigeon from the issuing club


The next letter dictates the size of the ring and therefore generally the breed of the bird (see below)



The first 3 or 4 letters are the issuing club/organisation